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Wild Wolf (Current ch. 8) NEW Comic

"I can't hold back anymore," he said, pinning me to the door as he kissed me and started to touch me passionately. My younger coworker is so sweet and caring, but he has an unexpected, wolf-like side to him!

Ch. 1 FREE

Open Wide and Show Me More The Lewd, Aggressive Dentist (Current ch. 9) NEW Comic

"If your mouth is feeling so lonely... I fill that in for you." The doctor's tongue makes lewd noises in the dark as he violates me inside of my mouth...! I went under the care of the super handsome dentist: Kyousuke. But then he got mad at me for not being able to quit smoking after being influenced by my ex-boyfriend... "That mouth of yours, I'll fill it with something nice if you can't stop." All of a sudden he lunges at me and kisses me with his tongue. I feel my whole body go numb from his tongue probing inside me so deeply...! Things start to escalate, and the Doctor's fingers find their way to my pussy that became soaking wet from his passionate kissing...!"

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