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Storm of Love Comic

Haruma is the star of the kabuki theater. His good looks and slightly arrogant attitude make him irresistible. But there is one thing he can't do... He can't take care of himself very well, so he hires a housekeeper, Minoru. As usual, Haruma tries to make a move on Minoru, but gets turned down. "I do not get sexually involved with my employers!" Haruma is surprised by the rejection and gradually starts to become interested in Minoru...


The Wolf and His Little White Bunny Comic

College student Tomoya, dumped by his first love, gets drunk and passes out in the pouring rain, only to be found by cafe-owner Takawa. But...... at night, the cafe becomes a bar, where the (all male!) staff become lingerie-clad bunnies! Tomoya ends up working at the cafe, forced to become a bunny himself, and then even gets down and dirty with Takawa! This is a sweet-but-sexy love story between a cool, arrogant older man and an ordinary college student.

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