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An Unusual Affair Comic


Rachel borrowed her aunt's villa so that she could focus on writing her doctoral thesis. She has always cared more about her research than about looking fashionable, but she allows her aunt to give her a makeover for fun. As if she would ever wear anything this gaudy! As a result, Mel, a handsome surgeon she meets at a party, mistakenly assumes that Rachel must be the mistress of some extraordinarily rich man. To make matters worse, Mel has just moved in next door, and he says he wants her, even if she is just a high-class call girl who only wants money. Then he steals a kiss... Where is a sensible woman like Rachel, with no real romantic aspirations or prospects, supposed to go from here?



Unlikely Lover Comic


Marianne has always wanted to be a writer, so when her aunt Lillian asked if she'd help her boss, oil baron Ward, write his memoirs, she hurried to Texas. Apparently Ward is about to pass away, and Marianne wants to do her best to help him write his life's story. But the Ward who ultimately appears before her is anything but ill-in fact, he looks to be a very healthy, not to mention handsome, man. It turns out it was all a ploy by her aunt to get the two of them together. Unfortunately, Marianne realizes it too late-she's already caught in Ward's dangerously seductive trap!



A Love Story Only for You Comic

In place of her older sister Sae, who's always at her boyfriend's place, Emi must start training as the next manager of her family's hotel. Ever since they were kids, Sae always came first... But now Emi's the one who has to train as "madam"!? She's unhappy with the decision, but finds out the man she has a crush on, Mr. Kaga, will help choose a kimono for her new role as manager. Mr. Kaga has never once compared her to Sae, and Emi slowly fell in love with him. However, she discovers he was promised Sae's hand in marriage...


Blooming Fate Comic

"It's your fate to sleep with me. I've decided". Suzuka, who was adopted by the Wakui family after her mother's death, is forced to marry Prince Zahal in place of their daughter. When the prince forces her to go back to his country with him, she tries to refuse, which only intrigues him more. Suzuka finally decides to go with him, pretending to be the Wakuis' daughter, and discovers the prince's secret loneliness. She doesn't want Prince Zahal to control her, yet slowly but surely begins to fall for him....


My Naughty Butler's Irresistible Seductions Comic

With her uncle hospitalized, Shino takes over as the acting Grand Master of a traditional Japanese flower arrangement house. Her uncle's butler, Katagiri, is there to show her how to dress, act, and even make love like a lady... All he wants in return are her moans of pleasure, and she melts under his intimate caresses. She wants all of him, but their love must remain a secret... Find out what happens in these stories bursting with the hidden romance between a lady and her butler!


A String of Fate [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic

"I'll sleep with you 'til I devour you." When Nao was a child, she was picked up by Prince Jake, who was visiting Japan from a desert country. After ten years, she grew into a woman and was by Jake's side as his favorite toy. She spent her days trapped in the bedroom waiting for Jake to return. While she loved Jake and did not want to give him up, she couldn't see herself in his future...


Prison Flower Comic

"Cry out and let them know who's fucking you...Who you belong to..." Renge's been offered a marriage proposal from hotshot CEO Takao. Renge's happy about the arrangement, having harbored tender feelings for the man all this time, but then realizes the purpose of this agreement with her venerable family is merely to bolster the Takao company name. Unwilling to marry in the name of money, she decides to run away to the red light district, but her first customer turns out to be Takao, of all people. Renge loses her innocence at his hands, learning the ways of pleasure......


Cage of Pleasure [Total ch. 8] Completed Comic

"You're so dirty. Begging for me, your master..." For a maid like Kayo, her master, Shiro, was someone from a totally different world. But the painful expression on his face that she accidentally saw stole her heart. She wanted to do something for him... But what he demanded from her was... Shiro plows her pure body, which had never been touched by a man. This surely should not be allowed, but Kayo gradually drowns in the pleasure she receives...


Noble Temptation Comic

Inn-worker Etsuko falls in love with none other than Rashid, the prince of a desert kingdom. She's incredibly happy to be with Rashid, who's arrogant and sadistic but has moments of kindness. No matter how devoted she is though, those around her won't acknowledge her because of her low social status. Wanting to become worthy of her lover, Etsuko decides to help Rashid's cousin Lucian with his work. The more time she spends with Lucian, the more Rashid wants Etsuko's company, while Etsuko just wants to be of more help to Rashid. Their feelings lead them to clash, gradually creating a rift between them......


A Super Sweet Secret Comic

Ayumi finds herself on a luxury cruise with Mr. Yoshinaga, a co-worker she's long been smitten with, and he confesses that he likes her. Although she's elated, her department is at complete odds with Mr. Yoshinaga's, making their romance anything but smooth sailing. "But, after he said he likes me, touched me with his hand, and then kissed me...... I can't hold back my feelings for him any longer!" Even though Ayumi knows she can't get caught with Mr. Yoshinaga, he seduces her and they begin to make love......


The Unrequited Nocturne Comic

Miwa is the maid to Kazunari, a doctor with a private practice and the second son of the wealthy Mishima family. She's had a secret crush on him since she was little, though she's contented herself with just being by his side... until their relationship becomes physical. Society says they can't even be lovers, but Miwa can't stop dreaming of a happy future with him...


Contracted Lover Comic

"I'll buy your 10 days, little rabbit." College student Misaki is working at her part-time job, wearing ill-fitting shoes. She loses her balance and bumps right into Togo Sakuma, a popular shoe designer. To add to the embarrassment, Misaki ends up soiling Togo's suit. She apologizes and offers to compensate the damage, but he says he'll let her off on the condition she agrees to be his for 10 days. They've only just met, but they're alone together in his room. Misaki's aware that she's been hired to compensate him for the damage, but how is she supposed to react when he calls her "my rabbit" and puts his arms around her......? They can only be together for 10 days. Deciding she doesn't want to say goodbye, Misaki decides to give herself to Togo......


The Substitute Bride's Pre-Marital Taming [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

"Do you always sound like this when you're washing someone?" Ren demands that he be washed while he plays with her pussy...... "That's what you're here to do, isn't it?" She should resist, but she obeys him, acting as a substitute for his fiancee, Keiko! Working part-time as a florist to help pay her family's debt, Mio didn't have time for any romance in her life. But... there was one guy she liked... It was a day just like any other until a young lady came to her and said, "I want you to fill in for me." The job was to be that guy's fiancee...... "I'm happy to substitute. I want to see him again." With fond memories, she agrees to the role, but he's different to how she remembers him; he's cold and unkind......

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