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The Detective Who Hopes for True Love [Total ch. 5] (Current ch. 2) NEW Comic

AuthorLinda Sumi

Naho's a single woman in her 30's with a past.
She spends her days fighting off carnal urges.
One morning, Detective Tsubasa Natsunaki visits her apartment asking for information on his case.
Tsubasa's a gallant, handsome, loyal young man.
Naho gets it into her head that just one time would be enough, and boldly asks Tsubasa for a favor.
They've spent a night of passion together, but now what...? This is the unpredictable love story between a man who's pure of heart and a slightly empty-headed woman!


My Younger Boyfriend Is Being Unreasonable [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic

AuthorLinda Sumi

Lise moves into a two-bedroom apartment she's supposed to share with her boyfriend, except he breaks up with her without warning. Furthermore, her ex brings an attractive guy, Subaru, to the apartment and asks her to look after him! Subaru's younger, but he can cook and he listens to all her problems. He tells her that he wants to make her feel better because she gives too much of her time and energy to both her work and her ex... Lise indulges Subaru's request. She melts under his lips that carefully travel her body and his soft touches... The next day, she gets a phone call from her ex warning her about Subaru... Who is this guy!?

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