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The Sinful Evening Affair with the Butler [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

Umeko is plain, has no experience with romance, and is working a desk job when she sees her first love again. Saiou Tonoshiro worked for her family when she was young, and now he's come back to be their butler. However, her relatives are pushing her into an arranged marriage and making her undergo "bride training" so she can please her future husband! On top of that, the people in charge of unleashing her wild side are Saiou and a group of handsome servants! Her body begins to crave more by the day...!


Would You Care For a Butler? [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic


After a recent break-up with her long-term boyfriend, Ayumu Naruse, not yet thirty, is rundown from overwork and a broken heart. One day, she returns home late to find a handsome stranger in her apartment! Clad in a black tailcoat, he says, "Welcome home, Master," as if it were the most natural thing ever. After applying online to be a tester for a new cleaning service for working women, Ayumu is shocked to find that she's been selected... And what's more, a young man - a butler - has shown up for work... His many skills even extend to full-body massages to take away the day's stress, and his touch is more than just relaxing...


Captive Princess -A Contract for Her Body- (Current ch. 3) Comic


After overhearing that she isn't really her parents' child, Ai runs away from home. She has no home to return to and no friends to turn to... While she wanders the city that night, a mysterious butler takes her away and she begins her new life at a lavish estate!! But, under the condition that she become teaching material for his master! She has no choice but to obey the unbelievably coldhearted butler... Her body, which slowly becomes more sensitive as each lesson escalates, no longer feels like it's hers...! She's scared... but if it's for the sake of the kind master who's so different from the butler...


Exquisite Butlers of the Submissive Bus Tour -Princess, It's Time for Your Punishment- [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic


A friend has invited me to go on a tour bus where handsome butlers exclusively cater to your every need! In the bus they treat us like complete princesses and it's fun but... have I somehow met this butler before? And then instantly after it turns midnight the butler changes completely! The handsome man that waited on me hand and foot approaches me! If you like handsome men then this is the bus tour you definitely want to join! Please come and join us, Princesses.


Lady and the Butler!? Comic Hot

After living a simple, modest life, Ena suddenly jumps into life as an heiress at a mansion. With that comes days of grueling training at the hands of Takumi, her cold and uncaring butler...! But there's a reason why he wants her to quickly become the perfect lady... And so their relationship swings back and forth between hot and cold.


I Want to Train You and Break You -Black Butler's Sadistic Service- (Current ch. 2) Comic

"Let me begin your lessons for today, M'lady." Yume is the daughter of a prestigious family. She lives with her butler, Shiki, who teaches her languages, politics, economics, etiquette, and everything that she needs. At night, he teaches her the special lesson to prepare her body to accept men. Yume tries to understand this is all for her family, but she can't help but have special feelings for Shiki...


A Young Lady Dressed Like a Man -How Much for My Virginity...?- Comic

AuthorSauro uroco

"I want to see the moment when a young lady dressed like a man becomes a woman." She's licked and touched and forced to orally pleasure a man until she's dripping wet... What's happening? She's never felt this way before......! As a child, Ichiko was made to take over her sick older brother's identity, and live as a "man". Then one day, she's suddenly told to be a woman again and marry the man who will pay back their family debt. When she evades him, the man says he'll spare her from marriage and give her checks of money, as long as she "performs" for him. With every lewd "performance" she's forced to put on, Ichiko is made more into a woman, but to what end...!?


Sweet Services by My Personal Butler Comic

My boyfriend doesn't care about how he looks and only wears sweats. But he's turned into a super-hot butler! I can't help but react to this new side of him, emotionally AND physically... His sweet, naughty services make me oh so hot and bothered. This is a collection of stories packed with sweet romance!


Premature Valentine Comic

It's the day before Valentine's and my boyfriend ate the chocolate I made. This sucks! I go into the holiday sad and angry, but when I get home he's dressed like a butler, and...... He waits on me hand and foot, and I end up melting in the sweetness of Valentine's Day.


My Naughty Butler's Irresistible Seductions Comic

With her uncle hospitalized, Shino takes over as the acting Grand Master of a traditional Japanese flower arrangement house. Her uncle's butler, Katagiri, is there to show her how to dress, act, and even make love like a lady... All he wants in return are her moans of pleasure, and she melts under his intimate caresses. She wants all of him, but their love must remain a secret... Find out what happens in these stories bursting with the hidden romance between a lady and her butler!


Honey-Colored Bambino Comic

"Ren, I think it's about time we do it." Ren, the butler, and Kotone, the young lady of the house, have promised themselves to each other. But that promise was made when they were kids, and Ren is 20 years old now. Kotone comes on to him everyday, but Ren remains the consummate butler and won't give in to her desires. Suddenly, Kotone is presented with an engagement offer to the young president of a major corporation. Kotone begs Ren to put a stop to it, but he...... He might lose her because he wants what's best for her. What will become of their love?


My Dear Butler Comic

The young, spoiled Airi is enjoying living life on her own when who should appear in front of her but the absolutely useless butler, Soujirou. Airi can't believe how terrible a butler he is when he was sent by her very own mother to keep an eye on her. So, why does she start to find the things he does adorable? What would happen if a rich young girl fell in love with her butler? Besides the title story, this volume contains 3 one-shot stories revolving around Sumire Villa and the men that live there! Ulala's comics are bound to make your heart race!


Forced Perversion: Breaking Her In -How Devilish Boys Make Love- Comic

"Spread your legs, my lady." Manako, a lady who knows nothing of the world, has fallen in love for the first time. When that man, Kouki, almost attacks her she rebuffs him, afterwards hearing nothing from him. When she remember how he touched her then, Manako's body gets hot and she does something unspeakable. But that's not enough for Manako, and in the man's place she uses her butler, Kurosaki, who has looked after her since she was young, to help her masturbate. This is so wrong! She thinks back on that man while being "serviced" by the butler.


The Cruel Contest of the Devil King and His Demon Servants (Current ch. 2) Comic

AuthorRabi Suya

"I will choose one of you and make her my mistress." A sadistic king and his cruel servants begin a contest to select a bride. What terrible tests lie in store? The contest begins!


The Sadistic Butler Comic


One day, Mio finds a good-looking butler fainted in front of her building!? To repay her for helping him, this mysterious butler suddenly becomes her servant. Mio is confused at first, but since he says he'll do anything she wants, she asks him one day half jokingly... "Will you be my boyfriend?" The butler quickly changes...into a sadistic boyfriend...!? He ties her hands with an apron and... Her first radical experience of something like this makes her feel like her body and heart are melting... However, this pervert butler also has a serious mission...! Why not take a peek at the exciting life of this poor girl and the "wolf" butler?

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