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Honey Devil [VertiComix] ( Current vol 3 ) NEW VertiComix

Rin Hashiba lives together with her grandpa. One fateful day, while offering a prayer to God at the temple, a demon named Char appears before her. Seeking the blood of a virgin, Char is lewd, mean, and quite full of himself. He may act high and mighty, but in reality, he's very loving and kind. Even though she knows it's forbidden, Rin's body and mind are bound to fall into the demon's clutches one day...
Now in vertical-scrolling, full-color VertiComix format!


I Can't Help But Love Him. [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] [VertiComix] ( Current vol 2 ) VertiComix

AuthorYoko Ito

From a terrible first encounter to a heart-pounding tale of romance, the long-awaited comic adaption of this hugely popular series is finally here!
Sako Miyamura is your average, everyday office worker with an unparalleled thing for suits! She especially can't get enough of her handsome, intelligent, stylish, and hotshot coworker, Eiji Miya, in his suit! Their relationship suddenly takes a turn when Eiji calls Sako out for her constantly staring at him in the file room. So popular with his coworkers that he's stopped paying attention to them, Eiji unwittingly bites off more than he can chew when his excessively narcissistic choice of words to Sako inevitably land him in hot water...
Includes two digital-only bonus pages. Now in vertical-scrolling, full-color VertiComix format!


Mahoko! Quit Being So Bossy! [VertiComix] ( Current vol 8 ) VertiComix

Mahoko's been with her buddy, Chise, since the day that she was born. He's cool, good-looking, and a hit with the girls. But, Chise has a secret that only Mahoko knows? He likes boys. He was always leading her around by the nose until one day, he grabs her and kisses her!! Now in vertical-scrolling, full-color VertiComix format!


Afterschool Juliet [VertiComix] ( Current vol 13 ) VertiComix

Hana Yamada is a high school girl. Her boyfriend is the mean Mr. Kido, her school doctor... Hana can't tell anyone that she's dating him, but nonetheless, she's totally happy. Cracks in their relationship begin to appear when another girl starts hitting on Mr. Kido, who insists on keeping his past a secret... During this troubled time, a man that looks identical to Mr. Kido proclaims his love for Hana and steals a kiss from her. A daring story about the secret love between a student and a teacher. It includes a special extra chapter "Morning Star and the Sun's Dream". Now in vertical-scrolling, full-color VertiComix format!


Yuuki and Nao [VertiComix] ( Current vol 20 ) VertiComix

Nao and Yuuki's paths cross at the cafe she works at. It all starts when she decides to talk to Yuuki one afternoon after she notices him bawling his eyes out, not caring about the scene he's causing. He looks like a cool and popular guy, but he's crying because he's had his heart broken. Before long, she finds herself listening to his troubles and giving him advice. Nao, a student who's never fallen in love, slowly becomes captivated by Yuuki's honesty... Although they're completely different people, their natural compatibility sees the two of them go from being friends to becoming lovers.
Now in vertical-scrolling, full-color VertiComix format!


Love Dictator [VertiComix] ( Current vol 12 ) VertiComix

The 18-year-old Morinaga has lost both her parents in an accident and inherited their debt, so moves to Tokyo to find work. The first person she bumps into is a handsome male student lying passed out on the street. That student takes a liking to her and hires her as his housekeeper. When they begin their life together, she starts to fall in love with him, but she is haunted by her past. The person she owes money to comes down from the country to tell her, "If you can't pay me back, you must marry my son"...!! Can love win out over money...? It's an extreme romance dilemma!!
Now in vertical-scrolling, full-color VertiComix format!


Game for Romance -My Handsome Colleague Is a Gamer Too...!?- [VertiComix] ( Current vol 12 ) VertiComix


Did Haruto and I go to bed together!? Ayumi Shimizu is a simple office worker with a simple hobby: playing Grand Knight Fantasy on her smartphone. One day she's invited by another female player to meet up for a drink. Who should turn up, but the ace from her own company's sales department, Haruto!
Now in vertical-scrolling,full-color VertiComix format!

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