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The Liar's Long Night -Love Drunk: Continued- [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic


Chi is an older, unsociable guy who works as a cook at a bar, while Hina is a handsome yet clueless college student who has yet to know true love. Despite his mean looks, Chi is an adorable drunk, and the pair's relationship begins with his drunken kiss.

However, he's still traumatized by a past relationship and has trouble accepting Hina's straightforward affection. Still, Chi can't seem to fall out of love with him, and after the two confess their feelings for each other, they make love for the first time in the staff room.

Meanwhile, Chi's ex returns from overseas to become general manager at the bar he works at. With his sudden appearance, Hina learns about Chi's past lies and mistakes...


Love Drunk: New Edition [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic


Hina has no shortage of girls hitting on him-it's keeping them that's a problem. He starts working at a bar because he falls in love with the food the quiet and unfriendly guy Chi makes there. Hina thinks this will be the start to a new work life outside of his studies... but then... Chi gets drunk and kisses him passionately and really well, too...! Hina feels so awkward about it, he starts avoiding Chi (who doesn't remember kissing him at all) until one day, Chi calls him out on it and makes him talk...!! Read the original "Love Drunk" with extra pages for the new edition. Includes one digital-only page.


First-Love Case-Study [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic


"You have a nice body." With that, the associate professor offers him a part time job... looking after him......! Shattered by the losses of his two-year relationship and nine-year job, Asahi has nowhere to go. But when his father is hospitalized, he ends up helping at his parents' restaurant.There, he meets professor Yuzuru Togame, who is slouching and scoffing down his food. Despite being seven years Asahi's senior, Yuzuru turns out to be pretty hopeless as he eats with his chopsticks clenched in his fist, and then falls asleep mid-meal!Asahi accepts Yuzuru's offer of a part-time job without much thought, but......!? This is a case study in love, between a broken-hearted but meddlesome younger man, and a hapless professor.


Desire in the Shadow of the Trees [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic


"My best friend...... at least until that day he was. But now..." Born to a wealthy family, Kanae was sent to the countryside because he was in frail health and a burden on his family. He was saved from being alone by the bright and healthy gardener's son, Mizuki. But their happy days of youth end when an "accident" occurs, leaving a large scar on Mizuki's back. No longer childhood friends anymore, their past is hidden in the shadow of the trees, and their desire gradually makes itself known......

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