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Forbidden Training -She's So Wet!- [Total ch. 4] Completed Comic

"That's it. That look. I like women with a little fire in them." Three years ago, Yuka Ohno began having an affair with Todo, a manager at her workplace. However, their illicit relationship changes when the CEO's son, Satoru Uehara, joins the company. Yuka's placed in charge of Satoru's training, and one day he shows her a photograph. It's proof of her affair with Todo! In exchange for Satoru's silence, Yuka has no choice but to grant his "requests", baring her flesh to serve him...... With his tongue caressing her nipples and his fingers teasing her nether regions, Yuka begins to drown in a pleasure that threatens to expose her inner impulses. As Yuka tries to resist in vain, Satoru's requests start to escalate......


Prisoner of Pleasure -My Mind Says No, but My Body Says Yes!- Comic

"It's your fault. Make it right." After yelling at me for my mistakes at work, my coworker rips off my blouse. He licks my hard nipples, and every time he works his fingers inside me, I respond. Not with resistance, but with sweet moans...... I don't want this, so why does it feel so good!? Dripping wet and pounded by his desire, all I can do is gasp as my body now craves even more pleasure......


Hold Me, Love Me Comic

Hare's just been dumped by her boyfriend and kicked out of their place. Enter Koji, a lawyer who takes the down-and-out Hare into his home. Though her first impression of him is less than stellar, she's gradually charmed by him and his kindness. Their time together heals Hare's emotional wounds, and eventually they... This collection of heartwarming short stories will brighten your bookshelf - and your day.


Teach Me Everything Naughty -Steamy Employee-Training in Session- [Total ch. 4] Completed Comic

"Didn't I tell you that if you don't like it, you should just say so?" Mizuki applies for a job, but the man conducting the interview is the guy she had a one-night stand with. He was so skilled with his fingers and the sex was so good that for the first time ever, she begged for more. Now that she looks different he might not realize it's her, but she never imagined she would end up working in his department! And then, when they're alone in the elevator, he suddenly kisses her!


Pleasure Contract - I'm a Naughty, Wet Product for Sale - [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

"You're mine now." Andou comes to Yui to collect the debt that her ex-boyfriend ran out on. He suggests that she become a "product" of his company to pay off the huge debt. He pushes her down, saying that it's part of a quality control check, and starts playing with her exposed breasts. He licks them, sucks at them, rubs them all over... and Yui starts to get wet down there. She's never been so aroused, even when she was having sex with her ex, so why is this happening!? After Andou shows her what an orgasm feels like, Yui starts working as his company's "product" by serving her clients, who make her come over and over again...

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