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Guys as Maids -I Was Sold for 20 Grand- Comic


Tota's father incurres a debt of $100k overnight, so he sells Tota (under the pretext of a month-long part-time job) for $20k. The job is full-on suspicious, and Tota is given a maid costume as soon as he arrives...! Despite feeling puzzled, he changes into the maid costume and is led to a room in which a young man is waiting for him. Saying it's a "sensitivity check", the young man starts groping Tota all over, but Tota has an unusually sensitive body...!


My Virgin Neighbor Comic


"Hello, I am your next-door neighbor! Would you have sex with me please!?" A virgin erotic cartoonist said. He threatened me to help him or he could not write erotic manga....!? "It" and my hole were about to break after having sex in 48 ways! But I started to get a strange feeling while getting wet with him...!? You can't miss this funny love comedy! It includes two other stories.

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