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A Bride's Training Comic

After participating in a singles party with some country guys (who are all unexpectedly handsome), she thought she'd hit the jackpot...... but suddenly the party turns into an orgy! Can she still get her man in such a bizarre situation!?


Hitchhiking for Pleasure -Being Rode Against My Will- Comic

Has hitchhiking ever been a safe thing to do? "This is so embarrassing to wear" Yuri says after being agressively roped into taking a part-time job at a ski resort. To make matters worse, Yuri has no money and has no choice but to hitchhike her way to the resort. Walking along on a road with barely any traffic, she gets into the first car that stops, which just happens to be driven by a hot guy. She should have known that there was no way she'd be able to safely hitchhike as a young woman alone. When her ride asks her to put on a quite revealing outfit and then proceeds to take advantage of her body, what is she to do?

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