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Tender Re-Education [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic


Adachi's popular with the ladies, and the fact he's a little dumb makes him even more charming. He's constantly bragging about his conquests. "I can pick up any girl I want!" Just when his ego's getting the better of him, someone challenges him to pick up a guy. Strangely excited at the prospect, Adachi begins to put the moves on his co-worker, Sera, who's rumored to be gay. Undeterred by his cold demeanor, Adachi instead finds himself imagining Sera writhing in pleasure at his advances. However, one day... "Wait, why am I on the bottom!? What is going on here!??" A battle of hearts between the calm-and-collected co-worker, and the former-nerd-turned-playboy!


More Than Sex Friends, Less Than Lovers -After-School Love Triangle- [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic


Mr. Endo and Mr. Takeuchi are teachers working at the same high school. They're sleeping together, but they aren't dating. While they're compatible in bed, Mr. Takeuchi wants more than just sex. Mr. Endo can't be bothered, and tells him, "We're done now, so hurry up and get out," hurting Mr. Takeuchi... One day, a student, Tanuma, catches them in the act! Mr. Endo urges Tanuma to join, telling him what to do, and they end up in a threesome!! Tanuma, who secretly yearns for Mr. Takeuchi, loses control seeing him like that... The cool fox in glasses, the cute-as-a-rabbit romanticist, and the lovesick puppy get wrapped in a love triangle.

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