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The Novelist and the Housekeeper 2 [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic


Here's another story about the kinky love life of a talented but secretly perverted novelist, and his adorable, alluring housekeeper! It's been a year since college student Naoki Kusakabe became novelist Hajime Sengokuhara's live-in-housekeeper and lover. Hajime can act erratically during crunch time - that is, he gets agitated and horny - but thanks to Naoki's diligent care, his work is going wonderfully. In a stroke of good fortune, one of Hajime's bestselling works has been chosen for a TV adaptation, making him incredibly busy every day. The show's screenwriter is Hajime's old friend, Nishina, who's also gay. When Naoki helps a drunken Nishina off to bed, Nishina tries seduce him, to Naoki's discomfort. "If you make a face like that... I'll want to do even more pervy things to you." Naoki finds himself being felt up by his boss's friend......!


The Novelist and the Housekeeper [ Total vol 4 ] Completed Comic


Naoki gets by on part-time work, and his new job is as a housekeeper. Pinch hitting for his grandmother, who's suffering from a slipped disk, he's dispatched to the home of the super-famous novelist Sengokuhara Hajime. He has more than his fair share of failures to begin with, but Sengokuhara is impressed by Naoki's cooking and begins to warm up to him. Then, one day, a flashy man shows up at Sengokuhara's invitation and the two disappear into the bedroom. When Naoki asks about the sounds of creaking bedsprings, Sengokuhara frankly replies "I'm gay." The flustered Naoki is pushed down by the grinning Sengokuhara, who says, "I'm gonna' make you moan"!

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