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When He Embraced Me... [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

"For so long... I've had a crush on you." Sanae has a serendipitous reunion at the office with a younger student from her high school, Fumiaki, who was boyishly cute then, but is now a fully-grown, remarkably tall, handsome man. Unaware of his feelings, I wander aimlessly at work - constantly tripping over myself - only to have coworkers calling me incompetent behind my back. After excusing ourselves from a welcoming party for new employees, he and I stumble our way into a hotel and wind up crossing the line between coworkers. He tenderly squeezes my breasts, quietly working his way down my body until I see him extending his tongue toward my... Memories of him as a boy turn into mysteries of him as a man... With our reunion sparking such a spontaneous relationship, I can only wonder where we'll go from here...

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