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Thrill Me with Your Voice Comic

I love my boyfriend's voice so much that my body goes crazy just from him whispering to me. His voice is like a love potion, making me feel good... I can't stop aching when he sensually whispers into my ear.


Forbidden After-School Lovin' Comic

After having her heart broken, out of spite, Akiko has a one-night stand with Satoru, but she didn't know he was a student at the school she teaches at. Is she failing at both love and her job!? As Akiko is writhing in hopelessness, Satoru blackmails her into continuing to sleep with him in exchange for his silence. Since Satoru is a handsome guy with a sexy voice, Akiko can't understand why he wants to keep seeing her. Over time, she's torn between feelings of immorality and the pleasure they enjoy. Even though they're sleeping together in secret, when she sees how popular Satoru is with the girls in his class, she's overcome with sadness. They share a platonic relationship in the classroom, but after school, their nights continue to get rougher and more passionate. When Akiko realizes that she's falling for Satoru, she...


Apple and Poison Comic

When her parents disapprove of her boyfriend, Marie chooses to run away from home. Without anywhere to go, she's picked up by a mysterious woman while loitering in a park and goes back to her house where she meets the woman's younger brother, Haru... Haru's got a little bit of a cold streak when it comes to women, but Marie can tell he's really got a heart of gold. The more time the two of them spend together, the more Marie starts to realize that maybe this is where she belongs...


Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Cafe Comic

Kenzaki and Koshiba work at the same cafe, and Kenzaki asks Koshiba to go out with him. Koshiba's been hurt in the past though, which makes her reluctant to accept Kenzaki's advances. He looks scary, but he's actually very serious and sincere and a little shy... Kenzaki tells Koshiba he's not going to give up on her. But, the more she tries to push him away, the more she sees the good sides of Kenzaki and finds herself becoming attracted to him... As they become closer, all she needs is a little courage to break down her barriers. This book is filled with heart-pounding love stories!


The Rules of Parenting [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

When Kyoko's sister and brother-in-law passed away, she took in their son, Keita, to raise as her own. With her life full of work and her lack of experience in raising a child, Kyoko finds comfort in Mr. Asahino, a teacher at Keita's daycare. He's handsome, kind, and refreshing...... Before she knows it, she's fallen for him, but right now, taking care of Keita is more important than love! Kyoko realizes that, but when Mr. Asahino's kindness wraps its way around her tired heart, she completely succumbs to his every whim......


Let's Eat! Comic

"Close your mouth when you eat, Piggy." Alice's first love, Romi, is always insulting her. She wants to lose weight, but eating makes her so happy. Now that they're college students, Romi's even hotter. But Alice is as chubby as ever...... Romi's still calling her "Piggy". The divide between them keeps growing. Alice knows he'll never be her boyfriend, but still......


Humiliated Love Doll -Fivesome with a Virgin Behind Closed Doors- Comic

Men in white coats stare at her as she gets down on her hands and knees on the laboratory bed, dripping wet and groaning. After recording how her body reacts, they try to put a dildo in her......!! Ann has been struggling to find a job but finally gets into a doll manufacturing company. She is hired to help them develop a new doll and told to go to a laboratory...... where she is forced to lie on the bed naked! Ann refuses to get naked, but the men restrain her and start to strip off her clothes......

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