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The Delivery Princess and the Black Knight -A Slave Contract Sealed with Secret Juices- [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic

Hina abandons trying to get a proper job and becomes a call girl ("delivery princess") in order to pay off the debt her father left. She nervously goes to meet her first customer, only to discover that the hotel is high class and super-swanky! Not to mention, the customer is incredibly hot! When she asks what he wants, he says, "Vibrators, electric massagers, swallowing, facials, water sports and to watch you touch yourself", then hands her a wad of bills... Just who is this guy!?


Happy Boyfriend -How to Get a Gorgeous Boyfriend- Comic

Miki, a fledgling actress, and Ryou, a young successful novelist, are childhood friends. They often stays at each other's house since they have a family-like relationship. One day, Miki asks Ryou to practice kissing for a TV drama shooting; however, it ends up more than a practice kiss. They end up having sex with a condition that "they won't be awkward after this." Miki gets bewildered with Ryou's manly side as their relationship moves on to somewhere unreturnable. "Why... did you have sex with me if you don't love me?" ...This is a cute, and little bit sexy, love story.

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