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Daily Sex in the Girls' Dormitory - Schoolgirls' Insides Feel so Good...!! (Current ch. 4) NEW Comic

One man in the girls' dormitory. Surrounded by cute schoolgirls, I have sex every day! By chance, Eita becomes a caretaker of the girls' dormitory, which is forbidden to boys. On the first day, he is told that no one is using the bathroom at this hour, so he enters the "girls' bathroom," and the girl who appears there is his naked childhood friend, Momoka...!! He accidentally falls and dives into her boobs... Shit, are boobs really this soft!? Spontaneously, he sucks the pink nipples in front of him, and Momoka's pussy becomes wet... Is he going to put it in now!? The next morning, when he wakes up, a half-naked girl is sleeping next to him... This girls' dormitory is too erotic...!!

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