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We'll Train Your Bride -Dangerous Option for a Cheap Ceremony- Comic


Kana used a discount ceremony service in order to hold her wedding. Tragedy strikes the blissful bride... The "Happy, Simple Weddings" service she used comes with an option for the bride to pay for service with her body! Men torment her, and down there she's soaked! "If you all do that at once... I'll..." Drowning in pleasure, the bride willingly takes men's things in all her holes. On the night before the wedding, the bride's training unfolds. Her wedding aisle is being stained a cloudy white...


Wet Sleeping Face -Secret Late Night Overtime- (Current ch. 2) Comic


The handsome president suddenly hugs me and now we're sleeping together!? Usually he's very sadistic but when he sleeps he looks just like a child. If I told him I'm a virgin...

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