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Complex XXX Comic Hot

AuthorMoko Tonda

What's big, pink, and way too cute for a guy? College student Kyosuke is self-conscious about some, uh, parts of him that are too cute and girly!! And to his disbelief, when he joins the college tennis club, he runs into the source of all his woes, Tsukasa! If Kyosuke drops his guard for a second, Tsukasa's going to play with them until he's begging for more...


My Sweet Cherry Boy [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic

AuthorMoko Tonda

Akihiko Nakajima, a college student who's never had a girlfriend, meets Asahi through a private tutoring job. With sparkling eyes and flowing hair, his pupil is prettier than any girl. Akihiko, who's still a virgin and has trouble talking to girls, finds himself strangely drawn to Asahi despite knowing he's a boy. One day, Asahi tells Akihiko that he's embarrassed to use the showers at school and asks if he can see what Akihiko looks like. Reluctantly, Akihiko agrees... but the angelic young boy turns out to be a relentless devil!

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