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I'll Teach You What Men Really Want -Cohabitation Rules Etched into My Body- [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

"Want me to teach you just how scary a man can be?" If she breaks a rule, an erotic punishment is waiting for her! Aki lost her parents when she was young, so she was taken in by the old man who lives next door. Afterwards, she started living with his grandson, a calligrapher named Akinari, and soon fell in love with him. Then, when Aki's 20th birthday rolls around, he hands her "A rulebook for living together from 20 onwards," and tells her that if she breaks the rules, they can't live together any longer. "If you can't remember them, then I'll just have to teach them to your body!" Akinari strips Aki and begins writing the rules on her body... What will this spine-tingling sensation and humiliation bring for Aki!?


Dirty Diagnosis ( Current vol 3 ) Comic


Akane makes her way from the big city to a tranquil, remote island down south to work as a live-in nurse at the island's sole hospital. Amid her newfound happiness on the island, her only concern is that her body's been feeling a bit weird here and there...Still, surrounded by friendly and welcoming faces, Akane convinces herself that she's finally found where she belongs. But are things on the island really as they seem? The answer lies with her doctor boss...


The 80-Year-Old Virgin ( Current vol 4 ) Comic


Ume is an 80-year-woman whose husband was killed in the war before she could discover the joys of womanhood. A virgin her whole life, she wakes up one morning to find herself 60 years younger! Anxious to finally experience her "first time," she sets out to take advantage of her born-again youth and looks -- only to realize that guys in this day and age aren't as chivalrous as they once were!

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