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Freeloader Detective Chin's X-Rated Casebook Comic


Tsubaki is a self-titled detective who's also a super otaku when it comes to Sherlock Holmes. He even calls his doctor friend Natsu by the name Watson, and refers to himself as Holmes, of course. One day, Tsubaki gets thrown out of his apartment and moves in with Natsu, but ends up having to pay for his rent with his body, in a sort-of-forceful manner... but then, Tsubaki finally gets his own case to work on! Don't miss this erotic, thrilling BL detective manga!


Let's Go to the City Office Comic


Sato and Watari are about to have sex for the first time. But there's something they need to do before the sex: they have to submit an application to the government at first! This sex application is part of a national census on sex and everyone has to write down the details of their sex life. Also they have to do it according to what they wrote. And those who don't obey the roles will be punished. Not only that, but the clerk adds many things into the application.... What will happen to their first time!?

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