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The Arrogant Prince and Our Private Kiss (Special Edition) Comic

Meet Muzaffarid, the crown prince of the oil-producing country of Jalal, and his bodyguard, Akito Kurehashi. The prince often pines for Akito's body... but the bodyguard has his doubts about their vague relationship. The Arab prince and baby-faced bodyguard are back in this super popular lavish love story!!


Ardent Love Control Comic

Haruma Kagetsu, grandson of the super wealthy Kagetsu family, and his bodyguard, Shoyo Kurehashi, are officially in love. However, the inseparable duo get split up...!! Haruma does his best to subdue his anxiety, but the beautiful bodyguard Glen makes a move! Can Shoyo and Haruma protect true love...? Includes a trip to an Arabian country!


The Arrogant Prince and Our Secret Love Comic

Akito Kurehashi's got a small frame and baby face, but his skills as a bodyguard are top notch. Muzaffarid, crown prince of an Arabian oil-producing country, sets his hawk-like eyes on him! He doesn't want his body and heart stirred up by such an arrogant prince, and yet...!


Lovers Program Comic

Inexeperienced Haruma has accepted his feelings for his teasing bodyguard, Shoyo. He's fixated on their relationship, though, and toyed with to no end! Bodyguard-slash-boyfriend Shoyo and innocent Haruma become one emotionally and physically for the first time!!


Jealousy Program Comic

Haruma's the naive grandson of the wealthy Kagetsu family. He's worried about his bodyguard, the handsome Shoyo Kurehashi. Ever since proclaiming the hottie be his bodyguard-slash-boyfriend, Haruma's been under siege every chance Shoyo gets...! Despite the constant teasing, Haruma realizes just how important Shoyo is to him the more he's protected. Will his stubborn emotions... finally subside!? With Haruma's sister and Shoyo's older brothers joining the mix, chaos abounds in this next installment of the "Program" series! Includes previously unpublished stories!


Restraint Program Comic

Haruma is a member of the wealthy Kagetsu family. He's decided to spread his wings and move out for college, but to his dismay, his mother has hired Shoyo Kurehashi, a bodyguard who's with him 24/7. Vowing to keep Haruma safe, Shoyo fends off a would-be groper on the subway, and in exchange for his silence about the incident, Shoyo requests Haruma himself. The innocent rich kid has his first kiss stolen by the man assigned to protect him! Earnest though he is, the awkward Haruma doesn't realize Shoyo's deepening feelings towards him. Now practically living together, Haruma fears Shoyo's gonna gobble him up!! A naive, spoiled kid meets a tormenting bodyguard! This is romantic comedy with a hint of danger!

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