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Spicy & Sugary Comic


Police Detective Nagai is living with his friend from high school, Kitahara. The stiff and uptight Nagai was never particularly close to the spaced out Kitahara, but after a chance reunion, Kitahara ends up moving into Nagai's place, saying his S.O. had kicked him out. Although Kitahara's a slob, with his cooking skills and snuggly demeanor, Nagai develops a soft spot for the guy. But, his happy cohabitation with this house-pet-housewife comes to an end when Kitahara suddenly announces that he's getting back together with his "ex-boyfriend"! And Kitahara has a lot more skeletons in his closet......


Knights in the Night Comic


After his older brother Katsumi's sudden death, Reiji Naruse is forced to move back home and become the successor to a mafia family. He is placed in the care of a man called Kikuchi, with whom he starts his brand-new life. "I'll protect you. Even at the cost of my own life." Penetrated by Kikuchi's sincere gaze, Reiji finds himself falling for him......! Get ready for a hard-hitting yet sweet and chivalrous romance!!

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