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Take off Your Mask and Show Me Comic

AuthorShin Yui

"I want my body to become a masterpiece!" Art model Mai takes pride in her career of posing in the buff for various art school classes. However, she feels misunderstood when others find out what she does for a living. She's in for a huge surprise when up-and-coming artist, Takashi Kasahara, requests her as his next model...


I Can't Stop the Fantasies I Have while Riding the Train -The Gentleman in the Glasses- Comic


Momoka is a girl who's prone to fantasies. Her way of dealing with the rush hour commute is to fantasize about the handsome men she sees on the train.
Today, she sees an intelligent-looking guy who wears glasses and is reading a book.
"No, we shouldn't... Not here..." She feels his hot searching fingers over her skirt... Wait, this isn't a fantasy, it's reality!
She realizes she's being groped!

She freezes in fear, but is saved by the man she was fantasizing about.
She wants to repay him in some way, but he bluntly refuses. He gives her his business card and tells her if she needs anything, she can call him...
She also sees the quirky business card holder with a picture of a frog on it!!

He may not be the kind of guy she thought he was!
"The brightest light couldn't compare with the light in your eyes." Momoka's fantasies about the man with the glasses are out of control!


Men Become Wolves Outside the Office Comic


On a business trip, we're trapped alone in a mountain cottage due to a storm. While usually calm and quiet, in the dimly lit room, he suddenly changes! My soaked clothes are torn off and he holds me close. What do I do? We'll be alone together until morning... What's going to happen to me!?


Summer Storm Comic

It was an intense love, the kind that tears the heart to shreds like a storm roaring through. Hiromi is a bad boy who was never happy following the rules, and Mitsuki is the average girl-next-door. It's been seven years since they tried and failed to elope. Hiromi went to Tokyo alone, but has suddenly returned to their hometown. Seeing him brings back memories, and hearing his voice makes her heart yearn. Unable to leave him in the past, Mitsuki is shaken to her very core... A dramatic, mature love story sure to pull at your heart strings.


In Prime Pole Position -Your Sweet Victory Seed Is Mine!!- Comic


A fiery race to see who will win on the circuit?and in love.
Yamato Ogami has a rival he wants to surpass.
His rival? None other than the man he crashed into last year on the circuit: Micah Arvonen.
Micah, is a handsome blonde, blue-eyed sensation that's taking the motor racing world by storm.
It's not long before Yamato falls for his rival, determined to win the circuit and Micah's heart.
One day, he catches Micah kissing one of his sponsors!
In a fit of jealousy, Yamato loses control and makes a move on Micah.
Micah squirms under the expert touch of Yamato's fingers.
His rival's reactions turn Yamato on, but Yamato refuses to claim his prize until he's won it fair and square on the race track.
"If I win the race, can I claim my prize?"
Yamato's blunt confession shakes Micah to his core...
Watch as Yamato and Micah's relationship heats up in full color.
"Baby, let's put the pedal to the metal and ride our way to the finish line."


A Wimp Gets Caught up with a Delinquent, Physically Comic


Riku is a wimp that gets used as a gofer at school. One day, one of the delinquents, Kai, approaches him! When Kai demands Riku clarify whether he likes him or not, Riku has no idea what's going on and answers, "I like you!" What does this all mean? On top of that, Kai starts to come closer. Does Kai's question mean he likes Riku!?While trying to clarify the misunderstanding, Riku gets kissed and touched in the most intense way! This wimp is about to get wrapped up in a delinquent?literally!


Rental Boyfriend Comic

"We can just cuddle... or we can go further..." Tama's been struggling with insomnia due to work stress, and wants someone to comfort her... Missing the warm touch of a man, Tama discovers a "rental boyfriend" service. She talks to Yu, who's giving out flyers for the service, and finds his sweet voice, warmth, and heartbeat envelop her in blissful relaxation. ...But, after many nights of cuddling, she starts longing for more...


Uninhibited in a Soundproof Room -Louder, Louder!- Comic


"Let my hear your moans." Indecent lessons with a teacher she admires... In a soundproof room, no matter how many times she finds ecstasy, nobody will hear her moans... ...Aiming to be a singer, Fumina attends a college of music where she practices all the time. Then one day, the conductor she's always admired, Kaoru Saionji, becomes an instructor there. Fumina sings for him. He points out that her voice is good, but it doesn't carry. He takes her to a soundproof room for a lesson... But suddenly, he hugs her from behind.... "Your singing has no sex appeal," he says, and begins to caress every single one of her most sensitive zones. She can't hold back the moans that spill from her lips.... "I don't want anyone to hear me... Please don't let them hear my moans..."


Lunar Mansions / A Couple's Afterheat Comic

AuthorNatsuo Ito

Koushi, a young man brimming with curiousity, is an apprentice doctor working under the only doctor in town. He respects Doctor Xida, despite his seemingly unfriendly and misunderstood demeanor, and he prides himself on being the only one who can understand him. However, one day, Doctor Xida is visited by government officials who command him to go to war. Koushi, overwhelmed by their sudden farewell, is suddenly visited by Xida one night...


Shiba and Shepherd -Bonus Story- Comic

Yuuto and Ouki are college students who met thanks to Ouki's German Shepherd Kotaro. Yuuto loves dogs, and Ouki can come across as cold despite being a big softy. Their love-filled days are now available in these bonus stories! Who knew Ouki liked to nap? They go for a date at a dog park on a cold winter day. Yuuto makes an effort on Valentine's Day. There's even a previously unpublished story about spring. One guy's got the large frame of a German Shepherd and the other's the size of a cute Shiba dog. Satiate that need for more of this lovey-dovey couple from the popular "Shiba and Shepherd" story!


Only I Know My Tutor's Naughty Side. Comic


She doesn't have a boyfriend, she hates studying, and she thinks school is a drag. Such is the humdrum of Yuki's everyday life. ...That is, until her grades fall so low, her mother enlists the help of a home tutor. "Whoa! Hold on a sec.... Nobody told me he'd be THIS hot!!" Totally ignoring her studies, Yuki immediately falls in love with her tutor and is left aghast when he suddenly tells her "I'll be your boyfriend." Talk about lucky!! Yuki's feelings for her tutor grow stronger with each steamy "lesson", but for some reason, he insists on a fixed dating period from the get go... Now, her childhood friend who she's always loved, is suddenly interfering, and telling her to only have eyes for him! Being stuck between two hotties isn't easy, but what's a girl to do?


A Number One Call Boy Gets Played Comic


Yuya is known as a number one call boy who wants to have a good time with his clients. He's confident in his skills as a top in the notorious red-light district of Tokyo?until one day, his new customer Kenta gets on top of him! Furthermore, Kenta tells Yuya he's actually a bottom and starts to prove it! It's Yuya's first time as a bottom... but why does it feel so fantastic? He's dripping wet, his pride is reduced to smithereens, he can't stop moaning, and the guy plays him to his heart's desire. What the heck is happening to him!?


Love the Little Crybaby Comic

Akane's a college student who agrees to date Takuya, a tough-looking guy who's her least favorite type. He's always kind, and when he touches her...!


This Hopeless Boss Just Wants to Get Laid Comic


"I only played with you a little... and you're already this soft."

Mr. Haruno is a CE.O. who likes to relieve his day-to-day stress by getting men to bang him as he moans in ecstasy. One day, his no-nonsense secretary, Mr. Hosoda, catches him mid-hookup...! Not only does his partner of the day run away, but his hole's also been left hungry and twitching... What's Mr. Hosoda gonna do about it!? Well, it turns out his secretary is happy to oblige. Mr. Haruno teases him at first - how can someone so uptight be any good at this? But, Mr. Hosoda's long, slick fingers know exactly where to go... "Ah! No! I'm gonna...!!" After a while, however, fingers just aren't enough. He needssomething girthier... So why won't Mr. Hosoda give it to him? He just can't get no satisfaction...! "Hurry up and take me!!"


The First Cigarette Comic


During his medical school years, in his curiosity about the gay scene, Kan happens to meet the handsome and charming Tooru. His first encounter with a man was too pleasurable - so much so that he fell head over heels for Tooru. But, shortly afterward, Kan wasn't able to get in touch with him any longer. Fast-forward three years later: Tooru reappears in front of Kan again, but as the man who's going to marry his sister! The naughty Tooru toys with Kan and their relationship reignites.

A dangerous love triangle between three adults is about to unfold: A doctor stuck on his former love who is now his older sister's husband.


That Is Unacceptable Comic


Yutaka Shinozaki works for a company that distributes cosmetics. Keisuke Kato is the researcher behind their newest product, and Yutaka can't seem to satisfy him, no matter what he does!
He is having to work late nights at the office, and the pressure is starting to take its toll. Fortunately, there is a nearby spa that stays open until late. He goes there to freshen up and clear his head, but who does he see there? Keisuke! Maybe he can use this opportunity to get a little closer to Keisuke, and figure out what he really wants...


Mommy Daddy -No Milk's Coming out of My Nipples!- Comic


Natsuki's first love was his private tutor, Ryogo. Unfortunately, he ended up marrying Natsuki's sister, Yukiho. Years pass by, and all Natsuki had to console himself were dirty fantasies of Ryogo. That is, until Yukiko disappears, leaving Ryogo to take care of their twins. Ryogo asks Natsuki to help with raising them, and so beings their life together under the same roof!

Natsuki becomes overwhelmed by pent up desire and unreciprocated love. A long time of getting off clutching Ryogo's discarded clothes makes a sleepy kiss quickly turn into a heated hip-grinding affair.


We've Got Chemistry Comic


Morishi, a new recruit, got drunk during her company's welcoming party. The next morning, she woke up and found herself naked in bed with Arai, another female recruit! Arai is exactly Morishi's type... even if she is a bit strange. Regretting the events of that night two years ago, Morishi does her best to work together with Arai and fight off her advances. But, the subtle distance between them is about to be breached!


Treat Me Dirty Comic


Whenever my kind, dependable manager Kawai touches me, it makes my heart race. I imagine him pinning me down and having his way with me after hours... I love him so much, I can't keep those naughty fantasies out of my mind. I thought he was way out of my league... but one night, I get wasted at an office party and Kawai takes me home! "Don't be relieved when a guy brings you home..." He kisses me, pushing me down as something hot splits me open and slides in... Oh, Kawai. Teach me all your dirty lessons...! His every wish is my command...


Got You in My Sights Comic


"Bad boys need to be punished..." Chiaki is an anime nerd who stands out on campus for his disdain towards others. One day, he finds campus heartthrob Kazuya Minami in flagrante delicto with another man... Chiaki's obsession with Kazuya leads him to commit a sin?one that Kazuya must "punish" him for...

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