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Female Pleasure. -I Turned into a Girl and Now I'm Addicted to my Step-Brother- [Total ch. 18] Completed Comic

On an afternoon like any other, high-schooler Nanaki falls into a pond that's shrouded in legend and suddenly turns into a girl! Although mortified, he loves how soft and smooth women's bodies are, so... Why not have some fun? He tries on his own, but can't quite seem to get it right... And that's how Souma, Nanaki's step-brother, finds him when he gets home from work! Once Nanaki's hero, "Soumy" is now nothing but an annoyance... That is, until Souma shows Nanaki how to fully enjoy a woman's body! Why is he doing this, and why does it feel so good!?


How My Best Friend Turned Against Me (Current ch. 4) Comic


A target of yearning and envy since her junior high school years, 20-year-old Rena is blessed with a great best friend and boyfriend that have stuck by her side nearly her whole life. With all of them in the same college together and things with her boyfriend going stronger than ever, Rena couldn't be happier?but one day, the girl Rena believed to be her best friend gives her the first taste of what looks to be a long lesson in betrayal.

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