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Wallflower Ichika Kasahara (25) Only Attracts Weirdos. -Stalked by an Exceptional Dweeb- (Current ch. 16) Comic

PublisherKaikan Club

As wallflower Ichika Kasahara (25) is on her way home from yet another mundane day at the office, she runs straight into a well-dressed, intelligent-looking hottie! This could be her time to blossom... if only he weren't such a creep! Even though she doesn't give him the time of day, he follows her home and crams a present in her mailbox, upgrading himself from "creep" to "stalker." He licks her hands, he licks her ears, he tries to smell her any chance he gets, and that pervert even sticks his hand down her shirt! This romantic comedy involves a no-nonsense woman and an extremely eccentric gentleman!


They'll Hear Us! -Accosted by My Student- [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic


"You're naughtier than I thought, Teach." Her body shakes with pleasure from his fingerwork. Accosted in one of the study rooms, she can't hold her moans in any longer...! In order to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher, Tomomi is working part-time at a private tutoring academy. Her first student is none other than an old high school classmate, Tetsuya Fujimoto. Despite being highly intelligent, his lack of motivation frustrates Tomomi to no end. When he mentions a reward might be the ticket to helping him concentrate, Tomomi happily agrees and is amazed when he aces his quiz! "It's time for my reward now..." With those words, Tetsuya suddenly kisses her...!

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