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Countering His Claim Comic


The owner of the luxury cruise ship that Della works on as a doctor has passed away. The owner's nephew, Luke, who has inherited ownership of half the ship, is a well-known hotel magnate, and he has no plans to continue running the cruise. But for Della, the ship has been her only sanctuary since she became scarred in an accident two years earlier. Della is depressed to hear the news, but then she learns that she has inherited the other half of the ship! Luke assumes that Della and his uncle must have had an intimate relationship, and his presumption makes her blood boil. She can't believe she must share ownership with a man like him!



Million-Dollar Amnesia Scandal Comic


April is a world-famous jazz singer, but she loses her memory in a car accident. While she's in the hospital recovering, a very attractive hotelier named Seth appears and tells her that before her accident, she signed away her label to his younger brother in exchange for his hotel. April finds this hard to believe, but she realizes that hotel might be the secret to recovering her memories. She leaves the hospital and goes to the Lighthouse Hotel, where Seth gently helps her recover. But is he just manipulating her in an attempt to get the hotel back?



The Nanny Proposition Comic


Discovering he's the father of a newborn, Liam hires a beautiful nanny. Despite going through a tough time as a single mother, Jenna appears to be well-bred, making it harder for Liam to resist her. For her part, Jenna is busy hiding her identity as a princess. She fled to the United States in order to hide her relationship with her deceased boyfriend. When she's obliged to go back to her own country, Jenna must fight her feelings for Liam, which she finds have grown much stronger than she'd realized...


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