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A Gay Video and a Huge Awakening - 7 Days Drenched in Man Juice - (Current ch. 2) Comic

No way... Why am I getting an erection watching a gay porn video?! Yokota is a teacher, who accidentally runs into one of his students at a local porn shop. He only picked out one video, but for some reason, when he gets home, he finds two in the bag! And the extra one's gay porn... Out of curiosity, he puts it on, and to his surprise, his "little guy" moves! And the more gay porn he sees, the more he's overcome with the urge to jerk himself silly! And then, finally, he meets his student again... "Please... do it to me like they do in the movies..." His hands, his mouth, and toys in tow, the action is even synchronized with the movies on screen! Ohhh... That feels amazing...!!


Boys Only Sex Classroom: Hot-Blooded Hole Training, Please! Comic

Kono's never cum in his entire life, so he pays a visit to a "Male-Only Sex School" that can supposedly solve his problem... There, a hot teacher named Yoshioka suddenly starts teaching him how to masturbate correctly! He can get hard, but, for some reason, he can't cum! "Don't think about anything. Just leave your body to me" Then, suddenly, Kono's teacher starts touching him down there! Teased, licked, sucked... and then the finale: a prostate massage! Will Kono's poor member survive all this fantastic therapy?!

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