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I can't believe my childhood friend made me cum...! Hate sex on our first day living together (Current ch. 4) Comic

AuthorRen Togari

"I didn't say you could... Put it in!" How did us having a fight turn into sex!? I was supposed to enjoy living all on my own, but thanks to our parents' meddling, I now live together with my childhood friend. As we started bickering about about who owns what... Things got heated and now I'm supposed to test her and see whether she's a virgin or not!? Her sensitive breasts twitch with every touch...! As I run my fingers around her nipples... She lets out a cute moan, and I notice juices flowing out from between her legs. Now that she's grown up, she's too hot to resist! And then asks... "Is that all... You can do?" Well, if you want it that way...!


Secret Virgins Comic


"When he touches me there, I start to get hot... Nobody's ever touched me there before, and now that he is, I'm dripping wet and twitching and feel all tingly inside... He hasn't noticed that I'm a virgin, has he...?" Soichiro and Kanano are both pretty popular in school, so everybody thinks that they've got plenty of experience. But, the truth is, neither of them have ever done it before! After they begin dating, it doesn't take long for them to start making out, and panic ensues while they both try to hide that it's their first time. "What!? He's putting it in THERE!?" How will their first time go!?

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