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Girls-Only Hot Spring Tour of Despair -Moans of Lost Virginity- Comic


A trio heads to a hotspring inn on a girls-only vacation plan. They've got the baths to themselves for the day, so they head for their room in high spirits. After dinner, they relax and take a look at the television, where to their surprise they see an extreme porno... Fascinated in spite of themselves, they suddenly realize something. "Isn't that video of this room?" They recognize the front desk, the hallway, and the room they're staying in. The friends laugh it off as a crazy coincidence and head for the hot springs. And behind our heroine, left all alone, several men appear without warning...!


One Woman's Prison: Forced Reform [Total ch. 4] Completed Comic


Rinko is a run-of-the-mill office lady who deals with her everyday stress by pickpocketing and shoplifting. One day, a failed attempt to take advantage of a peculiarly aggressive molester on a train results in her sudden arrest, after which she's promptly imprisoned to "atone" for her misdeeds. With a clean, spacious cell to herself and a handsome guard watching over her, Rinko's new prison environment doesn't seem all that bad that is, until her "atonement" begins...

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