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Bad Boy -Seduction Under the Rainy Eaves- (Current ch. 23) Comic


At a company in the Tohoku region, Chinatsu, a hardworking career woman with a hidden past, meets Daiki, the popular former captain of the corporate rugby team. Chinatsu is gorgeous, cares for her co-workers, and always gets results, which causes Daiki to fall more and more in love with her; but for some reason, she turns down every man who asks her out... What could have possibly happened in the past to make her this way? Daiki's always been great at using his charms to get what he wants, but... "Seduction Under the Rainy Eaves" starts off with a 62-page first chapter and an extra-long preview!


Bad Boy -Night of the Scattered Pearls- Comic


At nearly 30 years old, I'm only interested in men who are ready to marry. But then, I meet a dangerous man whose touch sets me on fire! My whole body feels hot... The spot where his lips touch is burning. My passion for him every time we meet sucks me in; it's frightening! This is an exciting, 100-page special version with more love scenes than before!!

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