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Penile Penitentiary: Hard Time for Straight Men! Comic


"You will receive sex training until you become gay." This prison guard might be sadistic, but like it or not he'll make you cum with his superior techniques! Natsuki, a host-club worker and womanizer, has somehow traveled into the future... a future where heterosexuality has been outlawed due to overpopulation! Natsuki is immediately arrested and locked up in the "Penile Penitentiary", where straight men are turned gay. There are physical examinations, as well as submission training, and anal development... Under the sadistic tutelage of the sexy guard, Natsuki finds himself beginning to enjoy the touch of another man... What will happen to him?!


Tattoos and An*ses - Filled Not Only with Ink - [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic


"I want you to tattoo all the places where he showed his love to me." Searching for vestiges of his lost lover, Runa gets tattoos over his boyfriend's hickeys. Runa gets naked and shows where the marks are, even revealing one on his asshole. "You don't need money... Just let me fuck you." Ryuu, the tattoo artist, becomes smitten with Runa's sexiness, and asks for sex in place of payment...

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