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Captured by Your Tricks Comic

Kana's ex-student, Takeru, lives in the apartment next to hers. Even though he graduated two years ago and should be acting independently, he constantly drops into Kana's apartment for a hot meal, a place to watch a movie, or any other mundane thing he can think of. They seem less like teacher and ex-student and more like lovers. After Takeru makes a joke about marrying his old teacher, Kana's heart begins to race. Could this be the beginning of an unbalanced relationship...?


For Your Eyes Only Comic

Due to her strict, stern personality, Yukari always finds herself being hated by the younger girls at the office. Her way of dealing with the stress? Sensual, stimulating nights spent with an escort called Riku. Their steamy nights together were like a dream... until Riku tells Yukari he's moving on from the escort life. It was supposed to be over, but then a certain someone shows up at Yukari's office for his first day of work...!


The Line Between Love and Play Comic

Kasumi's secretly in love with her coworker, Min?, who's three years younger and works in the same section at the office. He's gentle and kind, and maybe a little passive, but she thinks that's cute. When the two of them end up working late one night, Kasumi can't help but stare, to which Min? responds, "When you look at me like that, I can't help but wonder..." And then he kisses her! In the empty office, they caress and make passionate love... She'd thought he was passive, but is he really a sex fiend!? Will this sweet love turn spicy...?


Love at the Front Door Comic

Serina lives with her middle school-aged sister, Saya. To make ends meet, she works in an office during the daytime and in a restaurant at night. Her busy-yet-fulfilling life is interrupted when loan sharks show up at her door asking for the money her M.I.A. brother borrowed. Not knowing what to do, Serina ends up at an interview for an escort service. She's shocked when the manager turns out to be Tasuku, a kind regular from her restaurant...


Living with a Beast Comic

The popular new star Sota Enomoto is actually a client of Hana's aunt's agency. Hana's been a fan of his since his debut! But she never expected to end up living under the same roof as him! To hear his voice so close, and to be able to talk to him, and to have him smile at her... She can't be happier! ...But then she finds out he's a player when he says, "If you like me so much, let's do it." Living with a beast is filled with dangerous seductions.


Sweet Cage Comic

"Well? How does it feel to be bought by the man you played with?" Tricked by her step-father, Hatsune was sold to "service" extremely well-off men... And who should show up, but Rihito, the man she loved and hurt through a lie. Hatsune is endlessly forced to sleep with him. Hatsune accepts Rihito's actions as a form of penance, but...


First Comes Marriage, Second Comes Love...? [Total ch. 4] Completed Comic

"I like horny girls like you. They make great wife material." Dumped by her ex, who's now engaged to her friend instead, Rika decides to go to a speed dating party... but the guy she gets to know there is the vice president of her company!! "If you crave money more than love, do you want to try dating me?" A man who wishes to marry only for show and a woman who wishes to get revenge on her ex and friend by marrying. There is no love here, oh no... but somehow she can't push him away, having slept with him...


The Secret Love Contract Comic

Hazuki's considering quitting her job as a nurse and working in a brothel to pay off the debt her ex left her with. One day, the handsome Dr. Miyamoto happens to see her checking out some job listings! When he learns about her plan, he says that he'll buy her instead......!! Hazuki ends up getting $9,000 a month in return for her body, and the two of them secretly get busy, even in empty hospital rooms! While a little hesitant at first, Hazuki starts to long for Dr. Miyamoto's caresses. Even after they're done fooling around, he's gentle and loving, and she almost forgets their relationship's built on money. Could she actually have fallen in love with him......? Get ready for a thrilling and very naughty romance!


Between an Angel and a Devil Comic

"If you don't come over, I'm going to tell my brother we had sex." Yukina was working on the front desk at a hotel when Hiroki, the grandson of the CEO, fell in love with her at first sight. Now they're engaged, and she's filled with happiness because he's kind and takes good care of her. But, Yukina has a deep, dark secret... She's having an affair with Hiroki's younger brother, Wataru...... One bad mistake leads to an abnormal relationship between Yukina and the two brothers...

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