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At the Office Explosion! Butt Terrorism - Even in Meetings Ahn Ahn Ahn - Comic


Executive businessman Mr. Tatsuomi is on his way home when a nearby payphone begins to ring. Thinking it strange, he walks by, but the next phone booth begins to ring as well....... "Impossible. Is it for me?" Frightened as he takes the receiver, a man's voice on the other end announces. "Let's begin a game. Please masturbate in the booth." "Huh!? What? What the hell is this!" Important documents have been taken hostage, there's no choice but to do as he says......! As one perverted order follows another, a shiver runs down his back, and his anus twitches! And in the end...... he... even at work......?!


R18 Nyan Nyan Circus: Acrobatic Mid-Air Dick Play Comic


Mawaru has ultra stage fright, so he never gets chosen to join the circus. But when he applies to a circus expecting to fail, he is hired because of his face alone. Now he's really in trouble! Just having someone watching him can make him fail, so the plan that his circus mates think up to calm him down is... "We'll try to distract you with perverted stuff during your acts!" And from that day forward, during practice and during his performances on stage, Mawaru's circus mates continually attack his ass! Ball balancing, contortions, flopping around in the air... Welcome to a Boy's Love Circus: full of shocks and laughter!


Sexual Harassment Flight 801 -Passengers, Please Fasten Your Seatbelts and Your Zippers- Comic


"Attention please! Thank you very much for flying with us today. Currently, we are trying a new method of doing away with sexual harrassment me! I'm a super buff cabin attendant! And I will permit no sexual harrassment on board!"
Dressed in a miniskirt and a thong, this loyal employee sets his sights on a manaical peeping pervert! But to his surprise... he's exactly what this nutcase was after! As the airplane escalates, so does his forced service, until he's totally ready for liftoff!

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