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The God Devourer [VertiComix] (Current ch. 71) NEW VertiComix


Losing his right arm and right leg in a car accident, Bei Ming had never lost his faith in life. He fought against a few punks for his love and got seriously injured. When he woke up in the hospital, he found a hot-tempered and pretentious dog demon was sitting beside him. Bei Ming stood up again, and he obtained a great power this time. Just as he was starting to feel like the king of the world, a huge crisis started to brew.


Embrace My Shadow [VertiComix] (Current ch. 165) NEW VertiComix


Because of a trade, she fell prey to the most powerful and dangerous man in Dongling. She's only a regular girl in the daytime; during the night, however, she's under his control... He pinched her chin, smiling intimidatingly and said: "I own the whole Dongling City. Where do you think you can hide? "

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