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Gentle Melancholy Comic

An author by trade, Nao is a man with a strange air about him. Every day, he visits the florist where college student Arata is working part-time, and he buys a single flower. One day, Nao offers Arata a job: "Would you like... to be my lover?" This is a love story between a student and a mysterious author.


Holding Hands Together Comic

Chiharu and his twin brother, Mahiru, are childhood friends with Akira. As kids, the three of them were inseparable. Akira, frail and cute, was always bullied by others. Chiharu, in turn, considered it his sworn duty to protect Akira. But now, the three of them are in high school, and Akira has grown into a tall, handsome young man. To top it off, he's dating Mahiru! Things can't remain as they once were... Despite the longing in his heart, Chiharu has been keeping his distance from Akira. However...


Storm Flower Comic

Gorgeous, troubled Kaede is a next-generation flower arranger, a member of the student council at a prestigious academy... and more than a little depraved! Can he tame his desires and deal with the double-temptation of twin brothers? Whose bright flower will he be most tempted to pluck? "Storm Flower" blends the delicate beauty of brand-new blossoms with the fears (and fantasies) of brilliant young men in a story that proves that two isn't always better than one! Is Kaede doomed to remember a violently vivid moment forever... or is he destined to one day repeat it?


Rose And Savage Comic

In middle school, Yasukuni falls in love with Tomokazu, a transfer student who dreams of becoming an illustrator. Tomokazu is reserved and shy, and Yasukuni can't leave him alone. And so, without ever knowing their first love, the two are suddenly pulled apart. Seven years later, Yasukuni enters an art college and reunites with Tomokazu. But Tomokazu's reaction betrays his expectations...

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