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The Young Boss, My Childhood Friend, and a Sweet Trap[Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] (Current ch. 2) Comic Hot

Mayu is on her way home when a stalker grabs her and drags her into a nearby park. Shinya, a regular at the cafe where she works, shows up just in the nick of time to save her. He's usually smiling, but tonight he seems a little intimidating... Before Mayu knows what's happening, his tongue is in her mouth and he's having his way with her! He brings her to his office afterwards, and while he takes her again, he calls Jun, Mayu's childhood friend and sometimes-lover! What's going to happen to Mayu and her strange relationship with these two men...? Includes a bonus page exclusive to Renta!


Who Let the Horndog In? Comic

Ena Aoki has had the worst luck with men! One day, after yet another break-up, she decides she's had enough and can service herself using adult toys. "I don't need a man to please myself in bed!" she thinks. But then she runs into a man she has never met before, and he sees all the toys she has in her bag!! He uses this as ammo to blackmail her into letting him stay at her place...!! And, he makes her come so hard she can't even move. Read on for a hot and steamy romantic treat!


Selfishness, Passion & Hickeys [Total ch. 9] Completed Comic

I'm Ichika, and I live with my boyfriend, Koh. He's my childhood friend, and now he's my fiance;. Koh picks me up from work everyday because I just started a new part-time job, and he's worried about me. But he get a little jealous and gives me a hickey and then he says he's gonna give me a massage and starts touching my butt in a way that gets more sensual...... I can't stop myself from moaning! "No. Ohhh!" Come on, Koh, just touch my breasts and my special place already. Stop teasing me and use what you've got to make me cum!!


School of Sadism Comic

Mai Suzumiya's dated 12 guys in the past, and she's been dumped by all of them. The reason things don't work out for her romantically is because she's a sadist...... She wants a strong man! One day, her true nature is discovered by the plain, gloomy physics teacher, Mr. Shimizu. "You need to get laid, right?" Could it be that Mr. Shimizu isn't as glum as Mai thought......!?


I'm Gonna Keep You Up All Night, Again Comic

"If a guy isn't nice, he's not for me."...... Due to the trauma inflicted by her father, Honoka Seyama despises self-centered guys. However, when her mother remarries, the hottest and most self-centered jerk in school, Hijiri Ohmi, becomes her younger brother. In response to Honoka's outward hostility towards him, Hijiri casually provokes her by saying "I don't mind girls like her. It might be fun breaking her in." What will become of Honoka now that she can't escape from this beast of a guy, whether she's at school or at home...!? Included is a special brand new chapter of this story!! Living under the same roof as a beast, will Honoka end up as his prey!?


Honey-Colored Bambino Comic

"Ren, I think it's about time we do it." Ren, the butler, and Kotone, the young lady of the house, have promised themselves to each other. But that promise was made when they were kids, and Ren is 20 years old now. Kotone comes on to him everyday, but Ren remains the consummate butler and won't give in to her desires. Suddenly, Kotone is presented with an engagement offer to the young president of a major corporation. Kotone begs Ren to put a stop to it, but he...... He might lose her because he wants what's best for her. What will become of their love?


The King's Pet Comic

Chiho Hayasaka accidently stumbles into and ends up aggravating "The King" - aka Akito, son of the great Haijima family corporation. He immediately makes her his servant. But unable to stand his despotic ways, Chiho decides to flee from his mansion. Her rebellious streak only makes Akito like her even more - "It's more exciting when you resist." He then declares that he's going to enjoy himself until she finally decides to do as he says!! Will Chiho ever escape her enslavement to this vain, self-centered man......!?


Wait for Me in Paradise Comic

Yuri was supposed to go on a luxury vacation with her older boyfriend to the tropical island of Hawaii. But after saying he'll catch up with her, he never shows up, leaving her all alone in a foreign land. Who should show up and help, but a local guide named Chester. He's good-looking, and a little eccentric, which cheers Yuri up. She begins to have feelings for Chester, and wants to stay with him rather than go back to Japan. However......


Hands Off My Pussycat Comic

One day, Neneko Fukuzawa, who's had an easy upbringing, meets Arashi, the baddest boy in town. Observing how Neneko has absolutely no fear of Arashi, who's known as the "Invincible Devil," Tsubaki, Arashi's friend, half-jokingly gets the two to go on a date. However, just when Neneko starts to feel attracted to Arashi, he suddenly begins to treat her coldly...... "If you join my plan, we might find out how Arashi truly feels about you." Despite her reservations, Neneko agrees to take part in a "dangerous trap" cooked up by Tsubaki......!!

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