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An Indecent Professor's Love Advances (Current ch. 6) Comic


"I can't forget that beautiful body of yours! ... Won't you let me touch you again tonight?"

Love is annoying! Iori is generally known by others to be an unladylike girl who has given up on love. Then, Dr. Mano, a handsome, oddball of a medical examiner suddenly talks to her. He isn't normally interested in living bodies, but for some reason, he has taken an extreme interest in her "good frame", and keeps following her around! One day, the doctor desperately pleads with Iori to let him see her "beautiful frame up close". She reluctantly accepts, thinking that it would be better to get it over with. Then, as he's looking at her frame in his examination room he suddenly...! "Why are you licking me!?" Even if they didn't like it, if you continue touching anyone like that, they'll end up feeling good...!!


Try My Love -The Man I Hate Knows Just What I Like- (Current ch. 3) Comic

Riko, a late bloomer, goes to a matchmaking agency after being invited by her friend. She writes down her preferences, only to receive the disappointing news that there is nobody on file matching her high expectations... However, there is a man that meets all her criteria except for one! Riko is introduced to Arata, her "99% ideal man," and they both fall in love with each other. Gently embraced by Arata, she begins to experience pleasure for the first time. But, a new suitor appears in front of Riko: a domineering CEO named Komiyama. He meets ALL of Riko's criteria, even the one that Arata doesn't have!


Is This the Night Performance!? -The Master's Wild Dance of Lust- [Total ch. 9] Completed Comic


"Why don't you just prove that love of yours?" The man she admired is actually deranged! Momoka has started working as a housekeeper for Sosuke Senbongi, head of a famous house of Noh performers. She'd heard he was a little wary of people, but the man she meets has quite the difficult personality! Undeterred by his rude attitude, Momoka doesn't give up. But then a frustrated Sosuke suddenly pins her down......! "If you don't want me, then fight back and flee!" His hand creeps up and slides her panties off, and his tongue moves along the curves of her breasts and sucks her nipples...... How can her first time be like this......!? It's rough and it hurts, but when he kisses her so gently she can't help but want to heal his wounded, twisted heart! "......Can I really help him?"


The Wild Beast Is in Heat -Is He Going to Devour Me!?- [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic


"You better tame me quick." Turned on by a savage boy's beastly behavior!! Maria is a veterinary nurse, and after a misunderstanding, she starts to look after Haruto, the son of the clinic's director. The young, cheeky boy is like a savage beast. He pushes Maria down to the floor the first day they meet and tries to ravage her......! But when she realizes that he's just feeling lonely and is actually a nice boy, she starts to trust him and attempts to tame him! The hungry beast devours her with kisses and slips his fingers into her...! "Am I going to be eaten......!?"


The Young Master's Lascivious Commands -I'm Training to Be a Sex Proprietress!?- [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

PublisherOtome-chika POP

"No......! Is he gonna penetrate me here and now!?" "Stop!" Honoka protests before being forcibly interrupted as his tongue, which had been tracing along the back of her neck, begins tantalizing her nipples...... Even if she were to run, they're in an open-air bath!! What's more, he said this is to be her "reward"!? Honoka has come back to her hometown after it turned out her dream of living in the big city wasn't all it was cracked up to be. However, she returns home to find out that her room in her parents' house is... gone!? As luck would have it, she's informed about a position at a local, traditional Japanese inn that includes room and board, but... Awaiting her there is Ryoya, her savage new manager!! He orders her to "Get naked!"......!?

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