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Blind Date Scapegoat -Secret Meeting at the Hotel- Comic

"You're already wet down there." I, Koko, went as my friend, Haruka, to destroy the marriage interivew arranged as a strategic marriage by her family. I was going to destroy the arrangement, but I found myself attracted to the man instead... I want him to call me Koko instead of Haruka when he touches me there! Plus, studying with two handsome guys!? "Wet Sleepover Study Group" and "A Bumbing Girl's Cafe Time" are among the six collected stories.


Secret Terms - Discipline at Dreamboat Cafe - Comic

"Oooh...!!! Sir, stooop...!!!" "You're drenched down here." I disguised myself as a man and got a part-time job at Dreamboat Cafe, all so I could work with my unrequited love, Shun. However, the owner of the cafe saw through my disguise and imposed his secret terms! Every day, both during work and after closing, I have no choice but to accept his sexual training, to let him stir me deep down there with his fingers. For some reason my love juices are overflowing... Shun's the one I love, so why? Shun, help meee...!!

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