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A Scorching Hot Day with A Broken Air Conditioner If I Keep Having Sex with My Sweaty Childhood Friend... (Current ch. 22) NEW Comic


As I forcibly fondle my childhood friend in a humid room, something that's clearly not sweat starts flowing out from her crotch...!? On a scorching hot day, my childhood friend, Rei, mounts my shoulders in an attempt to fix the broken air conditioner in her room... However, we lose our balance, become entangled, and end up collapsing onto her bed!? Rei's wet shirt sticks to her sweat-drenched body, outlining the shape of her soft breasts. Without thinking, I pounce on her...!? "Ahn... I said... to stop..." At first she resisted, but after continuously fingering her, she gradually begins to feel it. Unable to stop, I rub my tip against her soaking wet pussy...


Playing With Sex Toys With My Childhood Friend [Total ch. 5] (Current ch. 3) Comic

My childhood friend is shaking from pleasure with a vibrator... too cute! Handing me an adult toy, she asked me to teach her how to masturbate. Unable to turn her down, I decided to use the vibrator on her. But apparently her body was more sensitive than I thought... a slight stimulation was enough to please her whole body. She was completely wet, and when I played with her chest drenched from sweat, her nipples became erect...! In her room, the restroom, the kitchen... I'm being careful not to let her parents notice, but when I hear her sexy moans... I can't help but do more...!!


I can't believe my childhood friend made me cum...! Hate sex on our first day living together (Current ch. 5) Comic

AuthorRen Togari

"I didn't say you could... Put it in!" How did us having a fight turn into sex!? I was supposed to enjoy living all on my own, but thanks to our parents' meddling, I now live together with my childhood friend. As we started bickering about about who owns what... Things got heated and now I'm supposed to test her and see whether she's a virgin or not!? Her sensitive breasts twitch with every touch...! As I run my fingers around her nipples... She lets out a cute moan, and I notice juices flowing out from between her legs. Now that she's grown up, she's too hot to resist! And then asks... "Is that all... You can do?" Well, if you want it that way...!


A Man's Porno Debut...The Co-Star's a Childhood Friend!? (Current ch. 2) Comic


"The partner for the porno is... My childhood friend!? I get to do everything to those voluptuous thighs and full breasts that I always longed after!" One day, the virgin Tomo suddenly becomes a porn actor and at the shoot he meets...... his childhood friend Riko!! (Moreover she's still a virgin!!) So sensitive for her first time, it's unbelievable she's a porn actress. With her panting and soaking wet, both the director's orders and Tomo's forcefulness escalate! Then finally, in front of the camera the time for Riko's deflowering comes......!!

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