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entrans! (Current ch. 19) Comic


The spirit at the shrine made a mistake, and now En Sakuma's been turned into a well-endowed girl. His days at school are filled with trials and tribulations, but not all the bad kind. "Who knew having a girl's body could feel this good!!?"


I Don't Wanna Be a Girl! Comic


"This feels so much better than when I was a guy!" A much-hyped rookie aiming to be a pro-baseballer suddenly transforms into a girl during training camp! Oh no!! Once his seniors find out, they treat him as their plaything, and his body soon learns the ins and outs of female pleasure! Then, it's almost time for the game to begin... Oh, who cares about the game? His body is going berserk lusting for more pleasure! He can't stop! Not now! Day after day, his seniors just get more and more extreme! His huge breasts are extremely visible from under his uniform... In the end his other teammates, opposing teammates, and even spies join in the madness!


I'm a Woman! -Being a Girl Feels Good!!- Comic

AuthorShoji Zama

Jusou is a humble, virginal guy who didn't get into college, and Nana is a beautiful, intelligent college girl... The two of them share a secret... They have a strange relationship where for two days a week they can change bodies! Jusou is enjoying this life of changing back and forth, but one day he loses Nana's virginity to an unexpected person. After that... he becomes unable to return to his own body...! With the body of a woman and the heart of a man, Jusou is fucked by beastly men from all sides... Gradually, he finds himself drowning in the pleasure of being a woman... This is the story of a woman's pleasure from a man's point of view... It's a gem of an erotic work!

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