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Living Under The Same Roof As an Angel And a Demon And... (Current ch. 4) Comic


Kazu feels extreme guilt over his secret relationship with his cousin Konomi. The truth is, he's the boyfriend of her sister, Chinami! Sweet, pure Chinami and devilish Konomi already make Kazu's life a roller-coaster, and there's new danger on the horizon with the arrival of Hotaru, a friend of the family. She seems as innocent as an angel, but could she be another devil about to wreak havoc!? A passionate tale of forbidden relationships, all under one roof!


Living Under the Same Roof as an Angel and a Demon [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic


The younger one is naughty, the older one is pure. Now I'm living under the same roof as them and have to obey them... I came back to my hometown to live with my relatives while I attend university. It's been 11 years since the last time I saw them, and my cousins turned into two beautiful women... And Chinami, the eldest, happens to be in the room right next to mine. And so, living with them, my body and I felt like we were in a dream... However, Konomi, the younger sister, was waiting for me with a trap...!! And while Konomi blackmails me into following her naughty whims, Chinami confesses her feelings to me! These sisters mean trouble!


A Woman Raised to Be Used -Screaming! XXX Planter Addiction- Comic


One day Yasuo gets a "Girl Cultivation Kit" from the internet! Instead of water, the instructions says that if you give it plenty of sperm and love, a beautiful girl will grow!! He rubs and rubs and showers it every day, and one day a hand suddenly sprouts from the ground...! The hand stretches straight for his dick! When her face appears, she goes right for him and starts sucking away! Finally her whole body came out! "Give me more, master!" she says. He makes love with this sexy girl every day, and it's totally satisfied! But... after a while one time isn't enough, and his desire was driven wild....! What will happen to Yasuo and his unquenchable desire??

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