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See You in Your Dreams [Total ch. 18] Completed Comic Hot


When his father dies, Shuji Machiya goes to the house his father was renting to collect his possessions. There, he meets his father's mistress, Sakie, who's been waiting this whole time for his father to come back home. Sakie's popular with the men in the neighborhood and it turns out that she's actually a hungry succubus who later appears in Shuji's dreams to suck him dry!! How will Shuji survive living with her...!?


Amorous Women of the Floating World: Sex in Old Tokyo (Current ch. 3) Comic


Did you know that Japan in the 18th century was even more sexually permissive than it is today? This unique adult manga looks back on the sex culture of Edo, the city that became modern Tokyo, under the rule of the shoguns. Sex stores, wooden dildos, licensed prostitutes, "helper" women... they're all here! After all, some human urges are universal...


All Wet Parties in Hot Spring Comic


A couple visits a hot spring resort. At first it seems like an ordinary relaxing time for a couple... However, they soon get mixed up in an obscene plan as it unfolds. And even right in front of her boyfriend.......!

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