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My Girlfriend Expects Too Much of Me Comic

AuthorAki Eda

My girlfriend is a cute girl with a great personality. But, she has some unusually high expectations for how her first time in bed should go!! How can I give her what she wants!? This is a youthful love story about a couple who's naive when it comes to love!


Drip Drop into Pure Romance [Total ch. 11] Completed Comic


Momoko and her boyfriend Tetsu have been together for half a year, but they still haven't even shared their first kiss. Tetsu is constantly worried about whether his advances are going to offend Momo, while she is too shy to tell him she wants to take things further. One night, she receives a mysterious e-mail and makes a wish. After that, her mouth becomes incredibly senstitive to all kinds of stimulation! How will this affect her relationship with Tetsu!?

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