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Youth on Air [ Total vol 10 ] Completed Comic


"Momo" is an incredibly sexy and popular live video streamer, but she keeps her identity as a high school student a secret from her fans. Her dream is to become a voice actress, and she practices by reading very sensual, embarrassing scripts online to a live audience! Daiki is a huge fan, and his suspicions about his classmate's identity are confirmed when she reads announcements over the school's lunchtime broadcast! A slightly erotic yet stimulating high school rom-com by a very popular artist.


A Man's Porno Debut...The Co-Star's a Childhood Friend!? ( Current vol 2 ) Comic


"The partner for the porno is... My childhood friend!? I get to do everything to those voluptuous thighs and full breasts that I always longed after!" One day, the virgin Tomo suddenly becomes a porn actor and at the shoot he meets...... his childhood friend Riko!! (Moreover she's still a virgin!!) So sensitive for her first time, it's unbelievable she's a porn actress. With her panting and soaking wet, both the director's orders and Tomo's forcefulness escalate! Then finally, in front of the camera the time for Riko's deflowering comes......!!


A Stripped Woman -An Overly Open Marriage Hunting Party- Comic


Reina is a gravure idol who just can't seem to get her big break. And so, she decides to give up on her dreams and take part in a high-class marriage hunting party in order to marry into wealth! But when she takes a step inside, she finds a gaggle of women thrusting their hips like animals! This hunting party actually turned out to be a wild orgy! And so, she introduces herself to the musical accompaniment of high-speed flesh asmacking and blowjob splorting! Will she really be able to find her perfect marriage partner here?!


SKS 48: The 48 Ways of the Tentacles ( Current vol 2 ) Comic


One girl is chosen at an audition to make her debut as an idol. She managed to deal with the harassment from her senior idols who torment her in a sly. But an even greater trouble awaits her...! She dreams to appear on television comes, but on the show she has to get in a bath with... tentacles!? She feels them sliding around and inside her body, and with the whole audience watching they bring her to a forceful climax! As if that's not enough, she also has to perform pillow services for a vicious producer! This young, innocent idol suffers the stain of tentacles... Will her future end up in despair or...

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