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Wife Sacrifice -Gross Otaku Overhunting! Kidnapped to Give Birth- Comic


"You're the perfect wife!" Hitomi is an orphan who was raised and trained in the ways of sex, then sold off to a certain family as an obedient bride. There, she finds tons of pregnant women, all at the mercy of an ugly son who is trying to create his own son! She hates it, but because of her training, her nipples grow erect at the slightest touch, and she gets wet in no time! And so, as her new husband rapes her through night and day, she plans to escape. But then, a shocking truth paralyzes her!


Necro -Cumming with the Dead- Comic


The tragedy happened that night... the night after my husband died. We made love to each other like we were perpetually starving... and then he suddenly died. And so, on the night after he died, a new flame burned in my heard... and I mounted him in his casket and let him enter deep inside me... Just one last time... I felt more sensual than I ever had before... but that was only the beginning of the horrors that awaited!

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