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Monthly: Editor-in-Chief Aikawa [Total ch. 41] Completed Comic


Aikawa becomes the new chief editor in charge of a certain adult manga magazine, but she isn't really used to dealing with such smut... She doesn't have that much experience with men either, so it's all just so embarrassing! But, she is simply adorable...


Love Starts From Your Thirties Comic


Sakura Uehara's a 30-year-old office worker. She's going out with Yu Yamada, her co-worker fresh out of college who just joined the company. Ever since Sakura graduated high school, she's been a strict workaholic. In comparison, Yu went to all-boys' schools and has never gone out with a girl before... Now that these two newbies to love have met, what will become of their shy office affair...!? This is a sweet and juicy romantic comedy about an office couple who find themselves getting it on every chance they get!!


Breast Cleaning -Window Cleaning Climax 69 Meters Up!- Comic

AuthorMAKI Rin

On a cleaning scaffold way up above the ground, she has to clean the windows with her breasts! She's about to be trapped in a totally perverted job!! Despite a fear of heights, a beautiful young girl is assigned to wash windows on a skyscraper. Her old-hand partner offers advice about overcoming fear with shame, which leads to her cleaning the windows with her breasts! He watches as her nipples grow hard, and then with no regard to the people working inside, the old man starts using the heroine's body for "sexual window cleaning"...


Unquestioning Obedience the App That Can Undress Every Woman in the World- Comic


Orihara, a loser salaryman gets verbally abused and made fun of by his co-workers, and even gets ignored by the receptionist that smiles at everyone else. Then, one day, he finds a new smartphone app that lets him brainwash people! Take a picture, and for three minutes, the target becomes your lover! Despite his doubts, Orihara downloads the free trial.. watch as this total loser departs on an epic erotic journey filled with sex and... justice?


Prisoner of Lust Comic


Ms.Kisaragi, an ordinary office worker, receives a letter one day. In the envelope is a very embarrassing picture of her! From that day on she is relentlessly harassed! From being accosted in public to threats of exposure, the brutal acts escalates until Ms.Kisaragi can't take it anymore... But it turns out she has a big secret.... The shocking last scene is a must-see!


Aiming to Please (Current ch. 2) Comic

AuthorLi Xiao Ji

There's nothing Maruka won't do for her little PR company and its sexy president! But does that have to include completely submitting to the whims of their clients? Maruka hops from one PR gig to the next never sure what kind of bizarre demands await her... But whatever the challenge, you can count on her to give it her all!

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