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What I Don't Understand About Him [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

When Komagatake "Koma" Sato, a mid-career hire, shows up to the office on his first day of work wearing baggy clothing and gaudy jewelry, the person who's chosen to be his supervisor is Shiro Kuzumoto. But, this new guy steals office supplies, never speaks politely, puts his feet up on the desk, etc... Due to Koma's brazen attitude, this is more like training a pet dog than teaching a new co-worker the ropes!! However, despite his carefree ways, Koma is also surprisingly obedient. Their lifestyles being very different, Shiro has a hard time understanding him... Or, that's what he thought until Koma asks him out with a hungry look on his face! He makes Shiro do wild acts! How will Shiro overcome all of these obstacles!? This is a love story about a cultural exchange between a guy who prefers other men and an ordinary businessman!
Includes four digital-only pages.


A Warped Triangle, Undone and Entangled Comic

Kamota wants to hurry up and lose his virginity so he can become a true man. Hajime is handsome, an excellent student, and great at sports. Kura is a recluse who's both Kamota's roommate and Hajime's childhood friend. In today's society, your position depends on if you're a virgin or not! For adolescent high school guys, who you're dating and whether you're still a virgin is a matter of life and death! "I want to date a cute girl! I want to have sex! I want to lose my virginity! But, I had no intention of losing that...!!"


Lusty Wolf Howls for Love Comic

Does the always-horny CEO just want attention? Tomoyuki Hara (20) just can't seem to find a job. "I'll work for anyone that'll hire me!" With those words, he becomes employed at the short-handed Aoki Design. While happy to be on the payroll, Masatsugu Aoki, the boss, puts him on edge, saying "Work hard or I'll kick you to the curb!" Newly employed and already in all sorts of trouble! The horny company president and the fresh-out-of-college boy who's cute as a squirrel share a back-and-forth romance filled with steamy love and plenty of laughs!

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