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The Sharp-Tongued Lawyer -Let It All Out- [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic


On the anniversary of our second year together, I discover that my boyfriend is already married! Not only that, his wife threatens to sue me! So, I go to a law firm for advice, and... run into Ryo, my old high school classmate! He can't believe that I fell for my boyfriend's lies, but he agrees to take my case. However, he says the payment won't be cheap... Just what does Ryo want with me!?


Is It Wrong to Sleep with My Best Friend's Boyfriend...? [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic Popular


I realized I have feelings for Tohru, my best friend's boyfriend. His friend, Shuuji, offers lewd training to prepare me to be Tohru's sex friend. Bombarded by sexual pleasure, our relationship starts to fall apart...


Forceful Insertion into Such a Tiny Body!? A Mean Boyfriend's Messy Experiment Comic


One day, after drinking a drug my boyfriend handed to me... my body ended up shrinking! I'm caressed while in mini-size, and make him feel good with my whole body. But then he pulls out an ear cleaner! He softly fondles my whole body, then... Don't... If you put it in, I'm... I'm going to come!

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