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Groom-To-Be: Deflower Support Team Comic


"Virgin support lesson!?" A new national policy has declared that when a man turns 18, he will receive three brides. Souta, who has experienced tragedy, is looking forward to this. But, on his birthday, to his surprise, three MEN turn up! Very handsome men, at that! "We'll train you so you can go from virgin to sexpert. ......Step by step, ok?" They're civil servants assigned to support him in learning to live happily with his brides. Souta ends up living with the grooms, but every day, be it in his room or at the park, they fondle his nipples, touch his private parts, and swallow everything he has to give! The evil instructor, Shinichiro; the player, Haruki; and the transcendent beauty, Takara. What will become of Souta's newly-married life as he gradually becomes attracted to the three grooms.......?


The Young Master's Lascivious Commands -I'm Training to Be a Sex Proprietress!?- [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic Hot

PublisherOtome-chika POP

"No......! Is he gonna penetrate me here and now!?" "Stop!" Honoka protests before being forcibly interrupted as his tongue, which had been tracing along the back of her neck, begins tantalizing her nipples...... Even if she were to run, they're in an open-air bath!! What's more, he said this is to be her "reward"!? Honoka has come back to her hometown after it turned out her dream of living in the big city wasn't all it was cracked up to be. However, she returns home to find out that her room in her parents' house is... gone!? As luck would have it, she's informed about a position at a local, traditional Japanese inn that includes room and board, but... Awaiting her there is Ryoya, her savage new manager!! He orders her to "Get naked!"......!?


Lusty Temple: When a Closed Village Turns into a Prison Comic


Yu is chosen as the Festival Maiden of a secret festival in the village. One day he goes to the temple, and is imprisoned...! The brothers of the temple are waiting for him with a suspicious smile on their faces...! It turns out the real reason for the festival is to rape the Shrine Maiden! Even though Yu asks for help, he is raped hard by the shrine brothers. They even give him an aphrodisiac which makes his body become horny...! It's the beginning of his endless imprisonment...!

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