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Sky Link Comic

The sky was a bright shade of blue on the first day of university and Ritsuki Ban hoped for a fresh start. As mysterious past regrets continue to linger in his mind, Ritsuki collides into a man who takes on an immediate interest in Ritsuki's looks a man whom he later discovers is one of his new professors! The confident Professor Takagi does nothing to hide his feelings towards Ritsuki; however the reclusive Ritsuki refuses to become teacher's pet. As Ritsuki and Takagi find themselves sky-gazing together one day, they are moved by each other's expressions and begin to find out more about each other. Will Ritsuki be able to drop his troubles and fall for the popular, much-loved Professor? Will Professor Takagi ever realize that Ritsuki just wants to be left alone? A love for the sky links together these two seemingly different personalities in this much anticipated first original manga by Shiro Yamada.

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